What Makes SP16 a Breakthrough Solution?

SP16 is a first-in-class small peptide, derived from the AAT present in human plasma. The clinical trial of its first indication – AMI – was launched in November 2017.

AAT is best characterized as a human Serpin, the second most abundant protein in human plasma. It is an acute-phase protein, which means it is activated and spikes when inflammation, trauma, or injuries occur.

AAT products are purified from human plasma, which is available only in limited quantities. SP16 can be made in unlimited quantities and, because it is synthetically produced, its manufacturing costs are a fraction of those of the AAT drugs derived from human plasma.

The Differentiation of Serpin Pharma’s Lead Drug Candidate — SP16

While extensive preclinical data shows that the SP16 peptide drug is similar to AAT’s immune-modulatory properties, SP16 is far more potent than AAT drugs. AAT drugs have pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory regions and, when used to treat inflammation, the anti-inflammatory effect is dampened by the pro-inflammatory regions. Because it contains only the anti-inflammatory region, SP16 is 300 times more potent than AAT, making it substantially bio-superior to the currently marketed AAT drugs.

In sum, the key advantages of SP16 are: